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We have summarized the major GeoTechniques we frequently apply in our projects.

Pile foundation for buildings

Pile foundation for buildings consists of design and execution of piles, pile caps, grade beams and basement floors. Various types of pile load tests like vertical, compression, pull out and horizontal load tests are conducted on selected piles. The piles driven are of various diameters ranging from 400 – 1200 mm with various depths.
Projects Executed: Several residential and commercial buildings across India; BMRCL Project in Majestic area, Bengaluru;

Pile – raft foundation for towers

Pile raft systems were designed and executed for tower foundations.

Projects Executed: AIR II channel and P & T Microwave tower at Perambur and Anna Nagar, Chennai; P&T RCC Tower of 100m height at Vijayawada; Design of Foundation System for Miscellaneous Building Structures at Terminal II, Haldia for Ruchi Infrastructure Ltd.

Pile foundation for bridges and multi-storied buildings

Large diameter piles up to 1.2 m diameter were executed for widening of bridges. The piles were tested up to failure in some cases.

Executed Projects: Koyembedu, Madras and at Central Station, Chennai. For multi-storied buildings pile foundations were laid for number of both private and government organizations.

Pile foundations for industrial structures

Pile foundations were also executed for large diesel generators (different projects), sinter plant (TISCO, Jamshedpur), oil rigs (ONGC), engine project (BEML, Mysore) and nuclear power projects (Kaiga, Karwar and Vizag steel plant).

Ground improvement techniques

Soft grounds are improved to support heavy loads by methods like installation of Stone columns, Sand piles, PVDs, Grouting, etc. These techniques we have been used successfully at Chennai (Chennai Refinery site), Cochin (Welingdon Island), Mangalore (Port Area), Haldia, West Bengal (Harbour), Vizag (Backwater area), etc. In most of above locations installation of stone columns with preloading techniques has proved very successful. In some cases bearing capacity is increased to 4 folds.

Restoration of foundations and superstructures

Some of the old buildings and structures have been restored using underpinning and suitable methods. The temple at Kudal Sangam near Almatti Dam in Karnataka and some of old residential and office buildings in Chennai have been restored by using suitable methods of restoration.

Civil works for power substations and switchyard

Open foundations for towers and equipments, cable trenches etc. for electric sub-station and switchyards were executed for different projects across the country.

Subsoil investigation and testing

A number of subsoil investigation projects have been undertaken at the request of clients for testing the foundation soil and recommending suitable types of foundations.