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  • Audit the vessel/drilling system

  • Audit the lab

  • Audit contract processes

  • Set guidelines and standards for the works

  • Develop/Review scope of work

  • Develop prognosis

  • Monitor progress during field investigations

  • Assign a lab testing program

  • Review geotechnical investigations
  • Prepare factual reports
  • Perform engineering analysis

  • Instrument offshore piles – using strain gauges and accelerometers
  • Capture signature of every blow during pile driving into PDA
  • Data processing
  • Assess energy transfer and stresses
  • Assist in safe installation of piles to reach target penetration
  • Estimate pile capacity achieved at the time of testing
  • Post-installation analysis – CAPWAP
  • Low strain testing
  • High strain testing
  • Foundation assessment of mobile offshore drilling unit (LPA for Jackup rig)
  • Rig based coring for performing Leg Penetration Analysis
  • Pile drivability studies (using GRL WEAP software)
  • Estimate pile capacity – p-y, t-z, q-z curves
  • CAPWAP analysis
  • Geotechnical investigation
  • Design of shallow and Deep Foundation

  • Bearing capacity/settlement estimation

  • Stability of slopes (with nailing, grouted nail, anchor, etc)

  • Geotechnical design of pipelines

  • Earth retaining structures

  • Ground improvement techniques

  • Seismic analysis

  • Design of gravity and earthen dam

  • Design of mechanically stabilized earth walls (reinforced earth structures)